Wood Fired Pizza

It's no secret that Wood Fired pizza is the benchmark when it comes to pizza. Using freshly made dough and the best ingredients help, of course they do, but it's the Wood Fired Pizza Oven that finishes off the job.

Inside the oven it can get up to 400 degrees so you need to know what you are doing. Our oven fits about eight 10" pizzas in at once. Using the correct wood helps too, something that burns very hot, quickly and lets you keep the heat constantly in the oven.

Sorry if we sound passionate about our oven, and it's not just for us to judge, but we feel if you're going to make the very best pizza, there are some things you can't cut corners on. Yeah sure, we do understand that processed food might have a small place in society, it's not in our wood fired oven and we encourage to ask, is it wood fired and is it fresh?