Wine Tasting with Michael Unwin | Housey Housey

Fri, 2016-02-26 16:12 -- nickwillox

We were happy to host the Andrew Rowan Wealth Management team in Housey Housey this month for a corporate dinner and wine tasting with Michael Unwin.

Michael is one of our favourite wine makers at The Forge and he is regularly floating in and out of the restaurants. He has a wealth of knowledge and was happy to share this with the ARWM team as they delved into the world of wine before their dinner. Housey Housey is a large space but with the right decor and arrangments the dinner of around 12 people didn't feel small, but quite intimate and room to move. Sharing food was a key for the menu, with a small dinner the ability to taste a number of dishes was a great opportunity for the team. 

Thanks for choosing Housey Housey as a venue. 

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